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  • Like a ram at a new gate Stay a 5 minutes and do nothing on Nectar.
  • Snout on the asphalt Freeze! Put your hands up! Don't move 1 minute!
  • Delayed 2 minutes on Nectar!
  • Guests don't leave home Hour on Nectar!
  • From dusk till dawn Day on Nectar!
  • Two boot pair Load 2 pages on Nectar.
  • Give ten camels Load 10 pages on Nectar.
  • Alibaba Aur forty Chor Load 40 pages on Nectar.
  • Three hundred Spartans Load 300 pages on Nectar.
  • Five hundred days of summer Load 500 pages on Nectar.
  • One Thousand and One Nights Load 1001 pages on Nectar.
  • Brunette Find Adriana Lima on Nectar.
  • Blonde Find Jessica Stam on Nectar.
  • Redhead Find Bridget Regan on Nectar.
  • In the right place at the right time Find easter egg on Nectar.
  • Nectar j is for Nectar!
  • Achievements Lover Unlock 10 achievements on Nectar.
  • Achievements Maniac Unlock 20 achievements on Nectar.
  • Cards Lover Collect 5 cards on Nectar.
  • Oops Break Nectar.
  • Escaper Try to escape from Nectar.
  • Console Use the console on Nectar.
  • While all sleeps Visit Nectar at night.
  • Rally Walk 2 km on Nectar.
  • Marathon Walk 500 meters on Nectar.
  • Walk Walk 20 meters on the single Nectar page.